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GroundSpark to Help Address Students’ Fears in Michigan

“Our immigrant students thought they’d need to pack their bags because they would have to leave America.” That’s just one of the reasons Julie, Mushing, the diversity coordinator for Kent County, Michigan, has decided to have GroundSpark conduct a two-day Respect for All Institute for teachers and staff. Students come from 89 different countries in […]

Start Streaming GroundSpark’s Award-Winning Documentaries Today

If you are affiliated with a college or university, you may now have a way to access all of GroundSpark films and share them with your students, colleagues and staff on campus. Hundreds of colleges and universities are subscribed to Kanopy, a streaming service for institutions of higher education. If your academic institution is subscribed, […]

GroundSpark Partners with SF Jewish Film Fest to Take Action

We’re thrilled to announce that GroundSpark will be on the ground at this year’s San Francisco Jewish Film Festival (SFJFF), as part of the festival’s Take Action Day! On July 31st, at the Castro Theatre, GS president/senior producer Debra Chasnoff will moderate a special panel, “Taking a Stand,” featuring four festival documentary filmmakers in conversation around activist filmmaking, […]

GroundSpark’s Film and Facilitation Helps Melt the Ice in Alabama

With an unusual ice storm bearing down on the city, blowing in from Tennessee, 65 brave souls came to a late February evening event, hosted by the Levite Jewish Community Center in Birmingham, Alabama for a unique opportunity to bring together organizations that serve LGBT people in Alabama, parents and family members, allies, and middle […]

Groundspark Launches First Ever Respect for All Institute; Educators Applaud Hands-On Workshop

One by one, rocks with words like courage, humor and perseverance began to pile up. The participants of the first-ever Respect for All Institute introduced themselves, and brought these stones, on which they had written their strengths, to a common table. This activity, “We Rock,” was just the first of many that would build attendees’ […]

We Do The Math—GroundSpark’s Multiplier Efffect

When we first started distributing our Respect for All Project professional development, our focus was on waking people up to how serious a problem bullying is and how critical it is for educators to address the bias issues that often fuel it. Today, however, most educators get the picture. Now our role is to help them take action. Our strategy […]

Groundspark celebrates 10th anniversary of release of Groundspark film It’s Elementary

San Francisco, CA, October 1, 2007 …GroundSpark – formerly Women’s Educational Media – today announced events celebrating the 10th anniversary and upcoming re-release on DVD of It’s Elementary—Talking About Gay Issues in School. The groundbreaking documentary was the first film to show how elementary and middle school teachers can facilitate age-appropriate classroom discussions that include […]

GroundSpark Welcomes New Executive Director

On behalf of GroundSpark’s board of directors and staff, I am delighted to announce we now have a new executive director! Please join me in warmly welcoming Susan Mooney to GroundSpark, where she will work in partnership with our board, staff, and founder, Debra Chasnoff, to lead the organization into our next exciting chapter. Susan […]

Groundspark Responds to Tragic News of Teen Suicides

In the fall of 2010, the national media was filled with stories of the deaths of many teenagers who took their own lives. The news reports indicated that these young people committed suicide after being subjected to harassment and ridicule because they were gay, thought to be gay, or behaved in ways that didn’t conform […]

GroundSpark’s work in Lake County highlighted tonight on KQED’s “California Report”

GroundSpark’s work in Lake County, California is featured in an important story on today’s “California Report” airing on public radio throughout the state at 8pm today. Reporter Scott Shafer wanted to do a follow up story on the two-year anniversary of the tragic murder of Ventura County openly gay eighth grader Lawrence King. With a […]